The African acting academy aims to equip actors from all walks of life with the necessary modern-day tools required to confidently navigate through the entertainment industry as a working screen actor.

We focus on efficiently educating entry-level actors, inducting them into a step by step process of developing a stable and sustainable career within the performing arts by offering a series of stand-alone workshops, that when combined, create a solid foundational framework that can be immediately applied to their individual acting journeys and goals.

Each workshop focuses on key elements of screen acting and provides high-quality, in-depth theoretical and practical information, based on international higher learning standards, to ensure students receive a unique crash course in acting education, giving them a major competitive edge upon completion.

In this technologically advanced global climate, it is important to reflect and adjust to the positive changes enforced on our industry post covid and beyond. With streaming platforms such as Netflix, Showmax, Hulu, Amazon, and more, actors are now competing on the globalized world stage, no matter where they come from. Competition is high and the bare minimum will simply not cut it.

We believe a dramatically new approach is necessary when beginning or leveling up your skill set, mindset, and knowledge within the performing arts sector, and the academy aims to create a network of actors who can come together and grow in unbelievable ways. We are the African Acting Academy.

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