At Iconic Looks Beauty we pride ourselves with the quality of our product offering. We are an independent stockist and supplier of Inuka’s vast range of amazing top quality products. Ranging from Fragrances for men and women (Perfumes that boast 22-25% A-grade perfume oil that last longer).

Our offering also includes fantastic everyday use organic and perfumed products such as hair products, roll on, parfums, body mists, lotions, tissue oils, brow pencils, bath salts, body washes, body powders, foot care products, skin care products, colour cosmetics ( lipsticks, foundations, nail polishes etc. ). We strive to fulfill your cosmetics needs with products that you know you can trust.

The products are not the only thing we love; we also strive to empower other people by introducing them to the Inuka business opportunity. Our goal is to help as many people as we can to become their own bosses and change their stories by providing them with the tools and support to reach the promised land of Financial Freedom through network marketing.

Network Marketing is a fairly new type of business model in South Africa but has really gained traction due to the economic climate around the globe. Everyone is looking for an additional source of income if not a new primary source – unemployment is at record levels & job losses are on the rise every day. Everyone is financially under pressure & this is a great way to buy into an opportunity to make money wherever you are with the resources that you have.

We don’t only want to make your day beautiful but also to have a beautiful life!


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