OAK Scan is a document scanning bureau that was established in South Africa by a founder who has vast years of experience in the scanning industry. With years of knowledge acquired through working at one of the top scanning machine suppliers in SA behind us, we have sound technical knowledge on the best machines to use to obtain the best digital quality rendering of your valuable documentation.

Our Scanning services aren’t only for big companies. Your Small business needs to be be lean & productive to grow with document digitization your clients can funnel their focus back into their core business instead of dealing with paperwork & filing.


Rendering of Documents

Documents Scanning

Document Digitization

Protect your documents while having full access to all your most valuable information.
we provide multiple storage formats and scan different types of documents;

  • Official correspondences
  • Financial papers
  • Contractual agreements
  • Medical records
  • Personnel files
  • Bills & invoices
  • Survey maps
  • Patient Records

Our goal is to provide you with the ability to instantly access your critical business information via scanned images of your paper documents. Rather than spending your time LOOKING for information, we want you to spend your time USING that information.

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